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Sussex is a wine-growing region located in the southeastern corner of England, along the English Channel. It is one of the most important wine-producing areas of England giving birth to the finest wines of the country. Grapes have been grown here since Roman times, but high-quality winemaking is a relatively new thing. The region is known for the sparkling wines which have been very successful in recent years made with the Champagne grapes Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier, which are the most planted in Sussex. It has the warmest and the driest maritime climate in the country and surprisingly has very similar soil type to the one in Champagne full of chalk and limestone which is the key to the complexity and longevity in their wines. Other grape which is quite popular in the region for light and mineral white wines is Bacchus grape originating from Germany has found its second home here, producing one of the country's best wines, usually described as a chalky, stony and possessing a strong mineral character, reflecting the soils in which the grapes are grown. Overall, Sussex is probably the most interesting and promising region in England.

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