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Samos is a historical island in the eastern Aegean Sea of Greece close to the Turkish coast. The island is famous with its sweet, rich wines made from Muscat Blanc known here as Moschato Aspro, and are among Greece's most well known and are exported around the world. The legend says that the Argonaut and first Samos King Ankaios brought the vine to the island in 1000 BC. The climate is distinctive Meditarreinean with most viticulture taking place on the northern slopes of the central Mount Ampelos between 400-900 m above sea level. There are significant fluctuations between day and nighttime temperatures in these mountain vineyards which slows ripening and leading to the development of aroma and character along with good acidity. The most popular grape on the island is the Muscat with small grapes which covers the 98% of the vineyards in Samos. The big success of the sweet wines from Samos came after the Phylloxera disease has devastated all Europe's vineyards and the demand for wine went up immensely. All European nations have started to look for the sweet wine from the Greek islands and in particular Samos. Nowadays, the Muscat from Samos can be found in each corner of the world due to its high quality and long ageing ability.

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