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Moldova (Romania)

The Moldova wine region is the biggest and one of the oldest in Romania located in the east part of Romania and includes the sub-mountain Carpathian hills and the droughty eastern Moldavian hills. The region is the birthplace of one of the leading red wine grapes Fetească Neagră producing some of the most notable red wines of the country. The Moldova wine region has the biggest range of Romanian wines produced with a big diversity of white and rosé wines in dry, medium sweet, lusciously sweet or brut and extra brut champenoise sparkling styles and of course dry red wines. The region is divided into ten DOC subregions Bohotin, Iași, Cotnari (famous for its sweet wines), Huși, Iana, Cotești, Odobești, Panciu, Dealurile Bujorului and Nicorești. The Moldova region is the driving force of the Romanian wine industry and has drawn international investors.


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