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Hebei is a large up-coming wine-growing region situated on the east coast of China. The region is famous for the first expressions of totally dry white and red wines. Hebei is nicknamed as the Bordeaux region of China with its prominent Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot. The region is home of a wide range of landscapes including the floodplains of the Yellow River in the south to the Yan Mountains in the north. It has with warm and moist climate and slightly above-average rainfall levels, which makes a necessity to take precautions against fungal diseases at all times. During the cold winter months, all vineyards must also be protected from the frost damage. The climate can be determined as continental with the influence of the Pacific and Indian oceans. Both oceans are bringing cool, moist air which collides with the warmer air over the continent and causes frequent rainfalls. Most of the vineyards are located on 200-300 metres above sea level, but the region has altitudes up to 1000 meters much cooler climate and high levels of sunshine ensure that grapes receive abundant sunshine for ripening. Hebei is divided into two main wine-growing areas including Huailai which is more hilly north-west of Beijing, and the seaside city of Changli in the north of the province. Other grapes which are planted alongside the Bordeaux grape varieties are Syrah, Riesling, Chardonnay. The region is receiving more and more international attention and recognition.

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