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Vayots Dzor

Vayots Dzor is an ancient wine-growing region located just two hours south of the capital town of Armenia, Yerevan. The history of the region goes back millennia, and it is a part of the famous Silk Road. Vayots Dzor has caves in the area of the Areni village in which there is archaeological evidence of winemaking culture dating back to 4,000 BC. The region has mountainous topography with rocky and dry terrain, ranging in elevation from about 990 m in Areni village to 3522 m in the Vardenis Mountains. The predominant soil type is limestone which has never seen the Phylloxera disease. The climate is continental with alpine influences. It has long dry summers with remarkably vivid sunlight coupled with high daytime temperatures contrasting cool nights and a lengthy growing season, which is very important for the balance of the flavours in the grapes. The region is home to the native flagship grapes Areni, Voskèak and Garandmak, as well as the famous Karasi wine which is matured in huge amphorae clay pots buried under the ground. The Vayots Dzor is the most qualitative and upcoming wine region from Armenia, which is becoming more and more popular with its unique wines.


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