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Patagonia wine growing region is located in Argentina, and it is the southernmost wine-producing point of South America. It is a big desert-like region with a cool and dry climate which is influenced by the Atlantic coast from the East. The conditions of the region like the thermal amplitude which comes from the combination of latitude and low altitude and the abundant hours of sun are added to scarce rainfall and the strong winds that use their influence on the yields. All that is contributing to the health of the grapes and from there the favour, the colour and the concentration are excellent for producing fine wines. Patagonia has proved to be very suitable for the growth of Pinot Noir and Chardonnay, producing wines from them with great elegance and character. Other grapes that are thriving there are Sauvignon Blanc, Malbec and Riesling. The region is divide into 5 main sub-regions with the most famous Rio Negro and Neuquen and the rest La Pampa, Chubut and Buenos Aires.

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