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Paros is a large island located almost in the heart of the Aegean Sea of Greece. The viticulture has been flourishing since ancient times on this island, as the famous Roman author Columella (1st century B.C.) mentions in his works an important wine export to Rome from Paros. The island is mostly known for its white Malvasia grape called here Monemvassia and the red Mandilaria which are often blended to form the only one red wine in Greece to be allowed to have white grape in it. Notable sweet wines are made, naturally sweet from sun-dried grapes, or “vin de liquer” wines, both produced by a blend of Malvasia (at least 85%) and Assyrtiko. Most of the vines are planted on rich calcareous and sandy soil that is the result of erosion from the slopes of Mount Profitis Elias. Paros has a Mediterranean climate that is moderated during the growing season by strong winds from the north-east. The vineyards on the north side of the island are pruned low to the ground in a goblet style to protect them from the strong sandy winds. Paros has never been affected by the Phylloxera disease. A big part of the population of the island is practising viticulture which is a very important part of the traditions and the culture of Paros. Inevitably that traditions have made the island one of the best wine-growing regions with unique style in Greece.

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