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Zinfandel, also known as Primitivo in Italy, is a red grape variety mainly grown in California and Apulia, Italy. Until 1992, grapes were thought to be similar but not identical, in 1992 a DNA profiling proved that were exactly the same. The grapes typically produce a full bodied red wine, although in the United States a semi sweet rosé wine called White Zinfandel is also made and sold. The grape's high sugar content can be fermented into levels of alcohol exceeding 15 percent and its high yield, if not severely pruned, can create problems for the wine. In Puglia, and precisely in the area of Manduria, the Primitivo finds the best results. The Primitivo grape variety gives a very intense dark ruby-red wine. The scent is spicy and fruity. The taste is warm, soft, tannic. Great structure and great persistence. Zinfandel is a dark-skinned red grape variety with an arguable origin well known and widely planted in California of the United States, thought to be identical with the Italian Primitivo, but no one knows if the grape comes from Italy or Croatia and where from derives the name of the grape. The Zin how the Americans called it has characteristics as bold, fruit-forward red wine that’s loved for its jammy fruit and smoky, exotic spice notes. It is vinified as dry, sweet and the famous White Zinfandel blush style (rosé). Currently, the grape is the signature one of the United States they are very proud of despite the mixed and unclear origin of the Zinfandel. It is also found in South Africa and Australia.

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