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Voskèat is an ancient golden-skinned white grape variety indigenous to Armenia. Its name, Voskèat in translation means “Golden seed”, and it is considered the Queen of Armenia’s white grapes. It is a medium to late-maturing, extremely high-yielding grape, very susceptible to both types of mildew and botrytis due to the thin skin of the berries, which is making it very difficult for growing. The majority of the plantings are found in the Armenian region of Ararat. Voskèat produces aromatic wines with complexity and longevity when vinified properly. It is often used for the production of Madeira-style or sherry-based sweet wines, as well as sparkling wines and delicious table grapes. The dry versions of the grape are gaining international attention and are becoming the flagship white wines from the country. Outside Armenia, it is planted as well in Azerbaijan under the name Kharji.




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