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Vidal is a light-skinned white hybrid grape variety which is crossing between Trebbiano Toscano and Seibel 4986 created in France in the 1930s, nowadays the variety is hardly grown in France, but has been very successful abroad especially in Canada where it finds its home now. Vidal was originally created to take part in the Cognac blend but never have been really used for that. The grape is resistant to frost with high acidity content, and that is one of the reasons that it is so largely planted in Ontario's wine region of Canada where is used for the production of the luscious sweet ice wine, the signature wine from Canada. The best expression of the grape variety comes from the Niagara Peninsula wine region and Quebec. Vidal is also to be found in the United States Finger Lakes AVA wine area where they made a dry version from Vidal showing floral and fruity aromas with some caramel, butterscotch and sweet apricot flavours.

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