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Sercial is an old and rare light-skinned white grape variety native to the volcanic island Madeira of Portugal. It is mainly famous to be one of the main four noble grapes for fortified Madeira, as the grape produces the lightest, most acidic and delicate expression of the wine, that takes the longest to mature. It is also used in the white Port blend in minor quantities. The Sercial grape is usually grown on the highest and coolest areas on the island and it is the last to be harvested among the Boal, Verdelho, Malvasia and Tinta Negra Mole grapes. When given sufficient time to mature the high-quality Sercial Madeira can develop nutty, almond-like aromas with a very dry finish, retaining its character and acidity well into old age, and it is going to improve in the bottle for half a century or more. Unfortunately, the plantings of the grape are decreasing and it is only grown in Portugal.

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