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The Schioppettino grape is an ancient variety of Friuli-Venezia Giulia, whose origins date back to the Middle Ages. It was mentioned for the first time in 1282. The name comes from its ancient Friuli name, “Scopp”, which is attributable to the crunch of its berries or to the fact that its high acidity once provoked malolactic fermentation in the bottle, making it explode the cap. After the burst of phylloxera, this variety had been set aside in favor of more productive varieties, but it has been rediscovered more recently along with other indigenous grape varieties from Friuli, such as Tazzelenghe or Pignolo. Schioppettino has a black, medium, elliptical berry with very waxy, thick, large, blue-black color skin. Its bunch is large, cylindrical, elongated, simple or winged, medium compact with a medium or large, pentagonal, three-lobed of five-lobed leaf. The grape has a discreet vigor, vintage mid-late maturing. Its sensitivity to diseases and fungi causes a little regular production. The wine it gives is of an intense purplish red color with intense scent, vinous and fruity notes. The palate is fresh and slightly tannic.

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