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Savatiano is an old light-skinned white grape variety native to the Central Greece wine region and in particular Attica. The grape is the most planted in the country and responsible for the Greek's infamous Retsina wine. The Savatiano vine produces typically medium to large in size and pale yellow to white in colour berries. The colour of the wine made from it has various shades of yellow, usually at the deeper end of the spectrum, and when kept to low yields and harvested earlier, Savatiano is capable of producing intense and dry wines that reveal herbaceous characteristics of citrus and white flowers. It is a swell often blended with Assyrtiko and Roditis to form some of the best crisp, light and fresh Greek wines. It is planted almost in each wine-growing region of the country and it is nowhere to be founf outside it. The modern days of the grape are associated more with high-quality Retsina and dry expressions of the Savatiano, which are great ambassadors of the Greek wine all over the world.



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