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Petite Arvine

Petite Arvine
Petite Arvine is an old light-skinned white grape variety native to Valais wine region of Switzerland. The first records of this grape are dating back to in 1602 in Sion which is part of Valais. It is one of the most celebrated grapes in the country as it produces a vast range of wine styles from dry to lusciously sweet, and can benefit from short-term cellaring. It is early budding and late ripening vine susceptible to mildew, botrytis, bunch rot and mites, and needs sites which are not too dry. Overall very capricious and difficult to grow grape. Petite Arvine has crisp acidity and pleasant aromas of grapefruit with a flinty minerality. It is as well found in Italy's Valle d'Aosta where it produces very distinguished and high-quality white wines. Unfortunately, the last decade the plantings of this rare grape are decreasing.

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