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The Perricone vine is a native red grape of Western Sicily and in the late 19th century was the most cultivated grape variety in the provinces of Palermo and Trapani (where it is called Pignatello) and was also located in the provinces of Agrigento and Caltanissetta. Its synonym Pignatello some say comes from “pignatidare”, the red soils of Trapanese, called that was because they were used for making cooking pots. This type of soil is particularly suited for vine Pignatello, hence the name. The Perricone grape variety is used for the production of Marsala Ruby, thanks to which it initially found great development. In the first half of the 20th century, when the consumption of Marsala has gradually reduced, its cultivation had been reduced to suffer an almost total abandonment. Thanks to the perseverance of some sensible winemakers, the Perricone grape has found its identity and its reputation and is inserted in the disciplinary of the DOC Contea di Sclafani, Delia Nivolelli, Eloro, Monreale, Marsala and in numerous IGT. The berry is black, spherical with very waxy, thick, dark blue skin. The bunch is conical-pyramidal, sometimes winged, sometimes long, compact with a medium size, pentagonal round leaf. The Perricone vine has good vigor and a good and constant production. The Perricone grape gives a ruby-red wine, a characteristic vinous aroma of the original grapes; dry, fairly full-bodied and harmonious.

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