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Nero buono

Nero buono
The Nero buono grape is grown almost exclusively within the territory of the municipality of Cori, so that is also known as Nero Buono di Cori, in the province of Latina and not far from Rome. This grape has practically unknown origins but it is almost certainly an authochthonal variety of the place, already cultivated in ancient times. It is considered as excellent for blending and thanks to the perseverance of a few sensible wine producers, Nero buono has been rediscovered and often produced in purity resulting in characteristic and valuable wines. The Nero buono has a medium, spheroidal, black berry with thick, waxy and reddish-black skin. The bunch is medium-sized, winged, tapered and tight with a medium-large, pentagonal leaf. This grape has a medium-late maturing, medium vigor. It is very sensitive to rot because of the tightness of the bunch, especially in very rainy seasons. It has regular production but not abundant. Nero buono gives a ruby red colored wine, intense, not with high alcohol content.


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