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The Nasco vine is one of the oldest white grape varieties in Sardinia. Its name may derive from the typical smell of moss, in Latin “Muscus”, from which the Sardinian term “Nuscu”, Nasco. Its spread was limited to the hinterland of the ancient port of Karales (Cagliari) suggesting that it arrived on the island via this port. The Nasco grape gives a wine with a “musky” scent, even better enhanced by the presence of residual sugar (in fact the most common type is as a dessert wine, especially liqueur). The berries are medium, round, with thin, soft, golden yellow skin, often with brown streaks and good presence of bloom. Nasco variety has a medium, orbicular, five-lobed, green colored leaf. Its bunch is medium, semi-tight or semi-loose, cylindrical-conical, often winged. The Nasco vine has an average production, sometimes abundant; it prefers hot and dry climates, and well exposed and sunny soils. This variety has medium vigor, but low productivity and little resistance to pests. The Nasco grape gives a wine with a beautiful golden yellow color, pleasant fragrance and sweet and delicate taste, slightly bitter aftertaste. It is often used for the production of liqueur wines.

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