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The Montù grape has origins not very characterized, although its presence has been found between the provinces of Modena and Bologna since ancient times. Even today this is its area of choice, especially in the vicinity of the river Reno. The Montù vine is part of the ampelographic base of DOC Reno. It seems that its name comes from the contraction of the local dialect meaning “Mont’ù” that would mean “a lot of grapes” – “molta uva.” Indeed, the grape is known for the abundance of its production. The berry is white, medium, and spheroidal with thick and substantial skin, very waxy, yellow-green colored. The cluster is medium, elongated, cylindrical-pyramidal, often provided with one or two wings, medium compact with medium, pentagonal, three-lobed or five-lobed leaf. Montù prefers clay and limestone soils and cool and ventilated areas, although it has no particular climatic requirements. It has an abundant and regular production. The vine Montù gives a straw-colored wine, with a slightly fruity scent. The taste is dry, fresh, fruity and harmonious, slightly tannic and with good body.

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