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Malbec is a red grape variety which produces small and intensely coloured grapes. It is originally from France where it was primarily used as a blending grape in the country’s famous classic Bordeaux blends, prior to the phylloxera epidemic. Back in the days it was known under many names - Côt, Noir de Pressac and Auxerrois, and was the most commonly planted vine throughout south-west France. Cahors is the only appellation, which still plants and uses more than 70 % Malbec in its blends in France.

Today Malbech is much more glorious in South America, more precisely in Argentina, in the Mendoza region. Generally speaking, French Malbec wines tends to be more meaty, rustic and tannic, while the ones from Argentina seems to be uniformly rich, ripe, jammy and juicy. Argentinean Malbech have more elegance compared to the French malbech. Both countries are using oak barrels to enhance the wine's structure and ageing potential.

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