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Magliocco canino

Magliocco canino
The Magliocco canino grape has been cultivated since ancient times in Calabria, Marche and Sicily. It belongs to the large family of the typical Magliocchi Calabrian viticulture, among which stands out for the great oenological potential. The origin of its singular name is unknown, possibly because the bunch is small as a fist or hammer. Magliocco canino is cultivated by a few manufacturers on the part of the Tyrrhenian coast of Calabria, in the provinces of Cosenza and Catanzaro. There was a confusion created between the Magliocco and Gaglioppo someone keeps calling “Magliocco” or “Mantonico nero”, but in reality they are two distinct varieties that give completely different organoleptic results. The color of its berry is black and it is medium sized, elliptical shaped, not uniform, with very waxy skin of medium thickness, colored from red-violet to blue-black. The bunch is medium, conical, medium compact with large leaves. Magliocco canino grape gives a very elegant and fine wine, ruby red colored, with aromas of dried fruits, harmonious and smooth taste, with low acidity and a good aging.

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