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The Lagrein grape is an authochthonal variety of Alto Adige, whose name has given the impression to scholars, including Marzotto, that it could be a native of Val Lagarina. In fact it is almost certain that the name Lagrein derives from Lagara, colony of Magna Grecia that produced a wine known as “Lagaritanos”. Until the 18th century Lagrein usually pointed to the white grape Lagrein bianco, which was probably since the Middle Ages the most important variety in the surroundings of Bolzano, especially in the Gries area. Lagrein Rosso (“roter Lagrein”) is first mentioned in 1525. Of this variety are known two different biotypes for different size and shape of the bunch: Lagrein a grappolo corto (short cluster) and Lagrein a grappolo lungo (long cluster). In its cultivation area there are two types of wine made from Lagrein: rosé (Kretzer) and dark (Dunkel). Its berry is black, medium, oval with a waxy, consistent and thick skin, blue-black colored, very homogeneous. The bunch is medium, tending to pyramidal, short and stocky, with one or two wings, rather compact with a medium, tending to pyramidal shape, short and stocky, with one or two wings, rather compact. The Lagrein grape has good vigor and time of late ripening. Its production is abundant but not always constant. This grape gives an intense ruby red wine. The fragrance is fruity with hints of vanilla; the taste is dry, tannic and full-bodied. It has good predisposition of wood aging. Vinified in rosé accentuates its fresh characteristics.

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