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L'uva Regina

L'uva Regina
Grape Regina (meaning: the Queen) is one of the most famous and most cultivated table grapes. Incrocio Mathiasz 140 is in fact the best selling variety of grape Regina, made for the first time in 1916 by G. Mathiasz from Hungary who combined Regina Elisabetta and Perla di Csaba. This crossing is precocious and of high quality which is why it was named Regina, the Queen, as the queen of the table, with its reign primarily in Italy. Sicily and Puglia are the regions where grape Regina is present the mostly. This grape is also quite resistant while in transportation which is a very useful feature for trade. Its berries are large, ellipsoid with a rather thick skin and very rich pulp thanks to a high concentration of sugar that makes it sweet. Regina is a Muscat aroma grape of golden color. Regina is not particularly vigor but it is very productive. It is harvested in August.

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