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Klarnica is a rare light-skinned white grape variety indigenous to the coastal region of the Adriatic Sea of Slovenia. Most of it is found in Vipavska Dolina and it is named after Mrs Klara from Dornberk, because in the 16th century she planted it around her house as a protective boundary, so it is also called Mejina which translates as a border. Klarnica is a high yielding grape that produces aromatic, full-bodied white wines with subtle strawberry aromas. It is often used for the production of Sparkling wines, because of its rich and long-lasting characteristics. It is an extremely versatile grape showing great results when it is aged in oak barrels and left with more skin contact. There are literary not more than five or six producers that are using this grape and trying to popularize it. Klarnica is exclusively planted only on the coastal region of Slovenia on the Adriatic Sea.

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