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Kakhuri Mtsvane

Kakhuri Mtsvane
Kakhuri Mtsvane is an old light-skinned white grape variety autochthon to Georgia, mostly planted in the wine-growing region of Kakheti in the south part of the country. Mtsvane grape variety is considered to be one of the oldest grape variety of the world, and wine has been made out of it 6000 years ago. The name of the grape derives on the word Kakhuri Mtsvane, which is translated "Kakhetian Green" in Georgian. The grape is vastly used all over Georgia, and it is often blended with the other very famous white grape the Rkatsiteli to give birth to some of the country's best wines. It is a medium to a late-ripening vine, susceptible to powdery mildew but resistant to frost. Usually, the grape makes crisp, citrus-tinged wines with pineapple and pear characters and a floral aroma. It produces, also very notable sparkling and sweet wines. Outside Georgia are found small plantations of Kakhuri Mtsvane in Moldova and Armenia.

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