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Kadarka is a very dark-skinned red wine grape variety probably is originating from Hungary once the most widely planted grape in the country, and historically the dominant grape in the famous Bull’s Blood wine called Egri Bikavér. The grape variety is one of the most ancient varietals of Hungary with thin skin and very capricious, it’s hard to get right, and winemakers are still just finding their way with this grape. The ones who succeed, have created some amazing wines reminiscent of the best Burgundy. Kadarka is low in alcohol and tannins, elegant, packed with earthy, mossy notes and sour cherries with storage potential. Kadarka is largely planted all over the Balkan peninsula and has numerous synonyms in Bulgaria called Gamza, in Romania Lugojana, in Serbia Skadarka Crna, in Croatia Branicevka. There is a big discussion with Bulgaria over the origin of the grape as the Bulgarians claim it as their autochthonous grape Gamza. Nevertheless, Kadarka is a grape to watch because of its unique characteristics.



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