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The Invernenga vine is an authochthonal variety of Brescia. Its berries are white and its origins are unknown. It is mentioned for the first time in a document from the Ministry of Industry, Agriculture and Commerce of the Austro-Hungarian Empire in 1826, which described Invernenga as one of the most cultivated vines in the Brescia area. The name probably comes from the fact that the grapes were kept in winter as table grapes. Its spread is limited to very few areas on the West, mostly in very old vineyards. Invernenga is registered in the National Register of Grapevine Varieties in 1971 and in purity it is present as a unique wine to IGT, the Ronchi di Brescia. The berry is white, medium-large, and spherical with green-yellow skin color. The bunch is medium, pyramid, simple, medium loose with a medium-large, lobed leaf. The Invernenga variety has medium vigor and medium-late maturing. The Invernenga grape gives a wine of greenish hues, fine aroma, and fruity, slightly almond taste with little acidity.

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