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Hárslevelű is a thin and light-skinned white wine grape variety native to Hungary and playing an important role in the blend of the great sweet wines of Tokaj. It is a richly flavoured grape which often displays honeyed, smoky characters with good texture and it is named after the lime leaf its wines can smell of when made as a monovarietal. The grape variety performs very well when vinified alone and in a dry style, creating a more herbaceous, full-bodied wine particularly if it is barrel-aged. It is late-ripening vine is sensitive to drought and frost, and susceptible to botrytis which is very important for the production of the Tokaji Aszú grapes. Undoubtedly the Tokaj region is home of the Hárslevelű with the most plantings in the country followed by Nagy-Somló, Eger and Villány wine regions. Outside Hungary, it can be found mostly in Slovakia, Austria and insignificant quantities in South Africa. Hárslevelű is an upcoming grape gaining more and more popularity outside its home.

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