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Grasa de Cotnari

Grasa de Cotnari
Grasă de Cotnari is an old light-skinned white grape variety indigenous to Romania and famous for its sweet wines. The same grape in Hungary but under the name, Kövérszölö is one of the six allowed grapes for the production of the well-known and luscious Tokaj wine. In Romania, there is a trend for production of dry versions of the Grasă de Cotnari which are getting more and more popular. The Romanian name translation means "fats of Cotnari" because of its big shaped grapes. Grasă de Cotnari is very susceptible to Botrytis and therefore predestined for noble sweet wine, and also susceptible to downy mildew, but quite resistant to frost and drought. The grape produces green to yellow to golden yellow wines with a nutty aroma, high alcohol content and low acidity. Outside Romania and small plantings in Hungary is nowhere to be found.

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