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Furmint is an old light-skinned white wine grape variety autochthonous to Hungary region of Tokaj mainly responsible for the great sweet wines of the country's leading region and recognised as some of the longest-living wines in the world. It is a late-ripening grape and it is particularly susceptible to Botrytis (Noble rot) and both mildews, sensitive to frost but resistant to drought. It creates golden-yellow, extract-rich white wines with high acid and alcohol content as well as ageing potential, which are perfect for the production of noble sweet wines. The Furmint is usually blended with Hárslevelű and Muscat Blanc a Petits Grains to give birth to the sweet Tokaj Azsú grapes, but when vinified dry it gives also outstanding results which are gaining international recognition with superb acidity and minerality. When vinified sweet the wines are rich and luscious, with intricate apricot, marzipan and black-tea flavours backed by aromas of brown spices and sugar. Outside Tokaj region, the Furmint is planted in Nagy-Somló where it produces fine dry wines, and as well in Slovakia, Nagy-Somló, Austria and Slovenia.

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