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The Forgiarin grape has uncertain origins, although it is considered very likely that the name derives from the village of Forgaria (Udine). This red grape variety was cultivated in the area of San Daniele, Spilimbergo and Maniago. Today its presence is limited to the area of Pinzano and Castelnuovo where it is an important example of the local wine history. The wine that is obtained is often soft, slightly sweet, depending on the vintage. It presents a good harmony in the relationship between alcohol, acidity and tannins, and can remember the black Pinot nero dell'Oltrepò or the Lago di Caldaro, with the same features of pleasant sensations. The wine made from the grape variety Forgiarin comes from traditional norms and it is a wine to be discovered. Forgiarin has a black colored berry of medium size and ellipsoidal shape. Its skin is very rich in wax and it is black-blue colored. The bunch is medium, tapered and short, winged and medium compact with a small pentagonal, three-lobed or five-lobed leaf. The Forgiarin variety has medium vigor and medium-late maturing. The Forgiarin grape gives an intense ruby-red wine with violet hues and a tendency to turn to orange after a short aging. The scent is intense, winy, not very fruity with notes of undergrowth, toasted almonds, and sometimes moss. In the mouth it is soft and slightly sweet.

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