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The area where Durella grape is grown has a long viticulture history: it seems that in Bolca, a site of the high Alpone valley (in Veronese) famous for the presence of fossils, some fossils have been found that are considered ancestors of this grape. Durella’s name seems to derive from the endurance of its berry to alterations. In the early decades of the 1900’s the “durello” wine was vinified with maceration of the solid parts and therefore it appeared acidulous, intensely colored and astringent and it contributed very well to the increasement of content of acid in other wines. Towards the sixties wine producers started with a “white” vinification, getting a very nice product. Its distinctive taste and high acidity make it particularly suitable for sparkling wine. Berry color of Durella grape is white, medium and ovoid with thick and tough, waxy, yellowish or golden green colored peel. The bunch is medium, short and stocky, slightly compact with a medium, three-lobed or entire leaf. The Durella gives a wine of a straw-yellow color, more or less intense, delicately fruity with a characteristic smell. In the mouth it is very fresh and dry.

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