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The Chatus grape corresponds to Bourgnin and it is a variety that was once probably widespread in Piedmont, because it can be found in the entire Alpine region, from Mondovì to Canavese, to Biella and even in Val d'Ossola. Today it is cultivated mainly in the surroundings of Dronero (hence the synonym “Nebbiolo di Dronero”), on the hills of Saluzzo and in Pinerolo. The Chatus has a probable French origin and was once grown by the Savoy in the Massif Central, but later was abandoned, to be then only recently reintroduced in the Ardèche. The Chatus is one of the most promising varieties of ancient tradition from the enological point of view, it can be used both in blend with vines that are less structured or even pure to give wines with a propensity to aging in wood. The berry is black, small, ellipsoidal, and short with very waxy skin, rather thick, blue-black colored. The bunch is medium, pyramidal, with short wings, rather long, compact with a medium, pyramidal, with short wings, rather long, compact leaf. The Chatus grape variety is well suited for thin and acidic soils of mountain environments. It is a rustic variety of medium-high vigor, late ripening and a good balance between vegetation and production. Its productivity is moderate and fairly constant. The Chatus vine gives a deep purple colored wine, of slightly spicy and ripe fruit aromas (plum, blueberry). The taste is full-bodied, with a good acidity, quite persistent and overall very pleasant.

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