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The Centesimino grape was until recently called Red Sauvignon because of its particular characteristics of herbaceous aroma reminiscent of the irrepressible strength of Sauvignon blanc. Although the two are not kin, Centesimino as well as Cabernet can be considered a semi-aromatic grape. With regard to the nature of the grape, today - thanks to the tests carried out on DNA - it can be said with certainty that the Centesimino is a biotype of “Alicante faentino” and therefore a variety of its own. The Centesimino grape has black berry color of soft skin and not overly colorful although tending to a violet-bluish nuance. The flesh is of no special flavor. Centesimino has a medium bunch with medium-large leaf of a dark green upper surface while the bottom is almost hairless and clearer. Centesimino gives a dark, ruby red wine. The scent has floral notes such as orange flower, dried rose and violet, subtle spicy notes of licorice and anise. The flavor is dry, thin fresh from the right tannin content, clear and evident, but never aggressive, full-bodied and full of pleasant balance and harmonious.

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