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The Casavecchia grape has little known origins. Surely it is an authochthonal variety from Campania, especially prevalent in the province of Caserta. A legend passed on by peasants says this grape was discovered in an old ruin known as “'a casa vecchia”, the old house. At the beginning of the 20th century peasants found an old stump that had survived to outbreaks of powdery mildew and phylloxera during the 19th century. So, it was the forerunner of today's Casavecchia grape. As a not very productive variety, naturally it pushes towards high quality products. Casavecchia gives a vigorous wine, complex and prepared to aging, especially when aged in wood. Black berries of Casavecchia are small, uniformly sized and round and their skin is black blue, waxy and covered with lenticels. The pulp is lightly colored, juicy, with a neutral taste. Medium long bunch has a cylindrical shape, sometimes with wings, compact, with a short stalk, it is robust and woody. Medium-large, pentagonal or orbicular leaves can be three-lobed or five-lobed. The wine produced with the Casavecchia grape in purity has a beautiful ruby color with purple nail. It presents hints of underbrush, plum, cherry, herb and spices. It has a good aging potential, reinforced by wooden step.

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