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The Carignano grape is an authochthonal variety of Sardinia with probable Spanish origin, arrived in Sardinia during the rule of the Aragons in the 14th century. In Spain it is called Carinena, in France (where it is present in the Midi and Langedoc-Rossillon), Carignan. Its color, the alcohol content and structure make it a great blending wine. The most recent installations led to the creation of the DOC Carignano del Sulcis. The berry is black regular, ovoid with very waxy, medium thick, blue skin. The flesh is meaty and juicy, slightly pink. The Carignano has a compact, medium-large, with one or two wings bunch and the leaf is medium, pentagonal. The Carignano grape has good vigor and constant and abundant production. It is sensitive powdery mildew. The Carignano gives a ruby colored wine, bright, purplish. The fragrance is winey, fruity, mulberry, with the scent of plums and currants and a slightly herbaceous scent that fades with age. The taste is dry, warm, full-bodied, full and persistent, slightly tannic. It lends itself to aging.

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