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Carignan, Cariñena or Mazuelo is a very dark-skinned, red wine grape variety that is producing very large yields and grown throughout the world, usually used as a blending grape variety in best Spanish wine regions like Rioja and Priorat. Carignan is believed to be indigenous to Aragon, Spain. Normally it is planted as bush vines, many of which are very old and demand hand-harvesting. It can be found in wines along the Mediterranean coast, particularly in France's Languedoc-Roussillon region, Sardinia under the name Carignano. The hot Mediterranean climate is excellent for the old vines planted here and the resulting wine is appreciated for its richness and spiciness. It is full of intense flavours of cinnamon, liquorice and star anise. It is a big and bold grape. Rich in tannin, acid, alcohol, body and intensity. The grape can grow in difficult conditions, but it is very sensitive to many diseases, including powdery and downy mildew as well as common rots. 

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