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Bianchetta Genovese

Bianchetta Genovese
The grape Bianchetta Genovese, as its name indicates, it is present in Liguria, especially in the Genoa area and Val Polcevera. It is a very old vine, whose cultivation goes up to Tuscany, in Carrara. As in many similar cases, the origin of its name is due to the very light color of its berries. Bianchetta Genovese gives fruity wines, fresh and light. Its berry is white, medium-small, ellipsoidal with slightly waxy, thin skin of greenish-white or yellowish-white color. The bunch is medium or medium-small, conical, compact. Bianchetta Genovese gives a wine of straw-yellow color, delicate fragrance, fresh, dry and light taste, to drink within its first year of life.

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