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Retsina wine is an ancient Greek wine which has been made for at least 2000 years, almost entirely in Greece, most examples are white though some rosés are also made. It is named after the Greek practice to seal amphorae with resin closures, and adding resin into wines. Today that is done by adding pine resin from Aleppo pine trees to the wine, hopefully in carefully judged quantities, during the fermentation. Made in numerous regions, the base wine can vary not only in terms of grape variety or varieties used, but also in terroir and climate variations, and other winemaking techniques like oak usage. The most common grape for the Retsina wine is Saviatano, though Roditis and Assyrtiko are often blended in. Back in the late 60s, the wine has undergone a big boom and as a very popular tourist wine which does not cost much and its refreshingly pungent aromas and light body has made it number one sold wine in the country. With that fame comes as well the notoriety for the mass production cheap wines with unbalanced taste and aromas. Nowadays the Retsina wine is undergoing a renaissance with the help of a dozen pioneering producers, which make a low quantity and high-quality Retsina. The wine itself cannot age well, but it can be made from decent wine which can bring balance and more complexity to the pine aromas. Do not be scared to taste and enjoy the more expensive modern expressions of this wine as it goes perfectly with spicy foods.

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