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Cotnari is a historic wine and small sub-region at the same time found in the wine region of Moldova in north-east Romania, producing the most famous wines of the country. The history of the wine dates back to 1250 and has been rival to the legendary Tokaji wines. It was the preferred choice of the royal family in Romania and among the best wines in Europe at that time. The sweet elixir is made from the indigenous grapes Grasă de Cotnari, Frâncuşă, Fetească Albă and Tămâioasă. It can be vinified dry which gives light mineral and refreshing fruity wines and traditionally as a luscious and sweet botrytis wine which can age more than a century as the greatest dessert wines in the world. Often the sweet wine is made only from Grasă de Cotnari which need at least 20 years of bottle ageing to start developing its true aromas and taste. The vineyards of the Cotnari hills are on the same latitude with the famous French Champagne and Hungarian Tokaji, offering high-quality wines through the optimal combination of climate, soil, topography and sun exposure. The region as a whole deserves more international attention as the dry and the sweet white wines of Cotnari are world-class wines.

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